"Dr. Lora is amazing. She is upfront and honest, and while she runs a professional business, she makes you feel like family.  She is very gifted in her field and her goal is truly to help people.  I am a hairstylist and I crossfit, so I need to stay mobile. Dr. Lora helps me to do that and helps me maintain a busy life. If you need a great Chiropractor, look no further!"  -Mandy L.


"Dr. Lora Urig and her administrative assistant Kayla are the best! I first started visiting Dr. Lora almost 3 years ago when she had an office in Imperial Beach. She opened up a new office in Bonita and continues to provide outstanding chiropractic care. On my first visit, she explained how my nervous system works (or doesn't), took a look at some x-rays, and did my first adjustment. Every visit has been $40, takes only 10-15 minutes, and is the best money I've ever spent in my life. I'm sure there are people worse off than me, but I'm extremely pleased with going once every 2 weeks per my treatment plan. I am a retired Naval Aviator with over 3300 hours in F-14A and F/A-18E/F aircraft and have back, shoulder and neck problems like so many people in the military. I have been given full range of motion back in my neck and the shoulder pain and back pain I was once burdened with is under control thanks to Dr. Lora's help and frequent/minor adjustments. If you are military, just go and pay out of your own pocket. The Navy would rather everyone have back surgery than pay for chiropractic care, but this is too important and life-changing to ignore."  -Brandon H.



"Dr. Lora is by far the best! Not only does my body leave feeling wonderful, but so does my soul. My husband, myself and all three of my kids have been seen by her. I highly recommend Dr. Lora!" -Amy W.



"If you have been on the fence about adding chiropractic to your routine health practice, Dr. Lora is your best option for getting it right from your first visit.  Chiropractic is an intricate and precise practice and requires not only extensive schooling and internship, but patience and dedication since  it is the practitioners job not only to adjust you, but to teach you to understand your body and to listen to it.  It has been my experience with other practitioners that you get a "one size fits all" adjustment: in, out, thank you, goodbye.  Not so with Dr. Lora.  She listens, she teaches, she heals.  I have been her patient since she graduated from chiropractic college and from my very first adjustment, I felt the power and intuition in her touch; she simply knew what I needed.  I recommend her without reservation."  -Stella N.



"I know Dr. Lora changed Jax’s life…and it’s not just what she did for him physically…it was her kind words to me and my husband, the way she treated my older son at Jax’s visits, the text messages just to “check in”. We truly feel that we have an advocate for our son in Dr. Lora. Her office serves as a place of healing and a home. I feel blessed beyond words to have met her and allowed her to work with Jax. My mind and heart were opened through this experience!"  -Brooke J.



"Dr. Lora is AMAZING! I can't say enough great things about her. I started getting adjusted by her when I was 36 weeks pregnant to help with the pains of being pregnant, and I wish I would've started seeing her earlier than that! She even came to my hospital room to adjust my son when he was only 9 hours old. Ever since then (almost 3 years ago now), she adjusts my family regularly. Whenever we start to feel sick or have pains, we immediately go see her and she takes care of us every single time. Her attentiveness and devotion to her patients makes her my favorite chiro of all time (and I've seen quite a few since I was diagnosed with scoliosis at a young age). You won't regret choosing Dr. Lora as your chiro!"  -Alyssa C.



"After a month and a half of pain due to a pinched nerve on my neck, I'm glad I found Dr. Lora, although I wish I'd found her sooner!  The pain in my neck was radiating through my shoulder and down my arm.  There were days when my arm felt like deadweight.  No position was comfortable, and I even missed work a few times.  I tried physical therapy, hot packs, cold packs, and deep tissue massages to no avail. The first time Dr. Lora worked on me felt like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulder (no pun intended!)  She carefully reviewed my file, asked me questions, and methodically adjusted my spine and neck area which all felt so personal like I was part of her family.   After only four adjustments, I can't believe how much my pain has dramatically improved! She truly is a miracle worker and I plan to see her at least once a month for maintenance. Thank you Dr. Lora!"  -Joyce T.

"My daughter was experiencing extreme headaches to the point that she would pass out in school.  After many expensive tests with a neurologist, we were no closer to having a diagnosis.  They prescribed so many pills that made her feel like a zombie.  We were blessed to have had someone recommend Dr Lora Urig.  My daughter was so nervous to meet with her, but after the first few minutes of just talking with Dr. Lora, my daughter felt at ease.  After the consult she said she is positive that she can take away my daughters headaches, since she believed she was not aligned.  After the first adjustment, my daughter's headaches shifted to other side of head.  After her 4th adjustment, my daughter went from having over 20 headaches a day to about two a day.  My daughter had 8 sessions with Dr Lora and my daughter has not had any headaches since!"  -Liz B.
"Dr. Lora is amazing! My wife went to New Beginnings during her pregnancy with our daughter because she was experiencing a lot of discomfort.  Dr.Lora helped to make the pregnancy more tolerable.  Thank you for all you do Dr.Lora, we will continue to refer you future patients because you are truly great at what you do!"  -Terrance C.
"Dr. Lora is absolutely amazing!!  She has made my sciatica so easy to live with! She has also seen my son, he was constantly getting earaches for his first year but she helped him get rid of those   I would recommend her service to anyone!"  -Laura B.





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